by Tristan

If you're listening, I'd recommend 2X speed + the silence skipping feature for the optimal experience. This is in fact a self-roast.  

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E34 - very movie review man

    S01 E34 - very movie review manExplicit

    I ignorantly & stupidly cover the recent film, "Men", and make comparisons to other recent movies while offering spoilers.

  • S01 E33 - very podcast man

    S01 E33 - very podcast manExplicit

    It's Saturday

  • S01 E32 - very medicated man

    S01 E32 - very medicated manExplicit

    Whhhaaaaat's going on, everybody. It's your boi, very medicated man, and I'm back again with another podcast episode. I said something about Season 1 being done, but it's still going. Long live season 1, honestly. Like, big shout ...

  • S01 E31 - Very boring man

    S01 E31 - Very boring manExplicit

    Uninspired, boring babbling. I talk about some gig app delivery stuff, getting the meds, watching some standup comedy clips, trying to stop myself from reading/commenting in YouTube comment sections, and I think that's it.

  • S01 E30 - overly attached podcaster pt 2

    S01 E30 - overly attached podcaster pt 2Explicit

    Who even knows. Over an hour of rambling in my unenergetic voice, so it must be good.