S01 E33 - Ep.33 - A chat with Cesare Benelli from historic restaurant Al Covo in Venice

Venice Talks by Monica Cesarato
In this episode Monica is talking to Cesare Benelli, chef and owner of the historic restaurant Al Covo in Venice. We talked about a great new initiative called Osti in Orto, an association of local Venetian restaurateurs dedicated to grow their own produce in Venice. We talked about Venetian cuisine and also about what to eat in Venice in  ...  See more
May 14 2023

Ciao a tutti and welcome to Venice Talks, a podcast series about Venice in Italy.
My name is Monica Cesareato and I am a Venetian food and travel blogger.
I'm going to put my insider knowledge at your disposal to help you discover Venice at 360 degrees.
Each week I will be chatting to the people who really matter, the Venetian.
So follow me on the discovery of his artisans, writers, fashion designers, artists, glass makers,
bloggers and much much more. Come to visit Venice the right and sustainable way.
You can find me on my blog www.monicacesarato.com and also on All social medias. Enjoy the episode.
Welcome back to Venice Talks, episode number 33. Hi everybody and welcome back to Venice Talks.
Today I have a very special guest, a dear friend. He is one of the best chefs from Venice.

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