Ep.11 - Sip, Swirl, and Savor: Navigating the Vineyards of Veneto Wines. A chat with Johann Depietri, owner of Vineria All'Amarone in Venice

Venice Talks by Monica Cesarato

Episode notes

In this episode Monica is talking Johann Depietri, the owner of Vineria All'Amarone in Venice, the paradise for Amarone wine lovers. We talk about the importance of Veneto wines, Valpolicella, wine tasting and much more.

Sip and savor the essence of Veneto with our latest podcast episode, uncorking the rich tapestry of Veneto Wines! Journey through the sun-kissed vineyards, meet the passionate winemakers, and explore the diverse flavors that make this Italian region a vinophile's dream. From Prosecco's effervescence to the bold character of Amarone, our podcast uncovers the stories behind each bottle. Eager to elevate your wine appreciation? Uncork the tales of Veneto Wines by tuning in to our podcast now!

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