Ep.49 - Venice Unveiled: Navigating 2024's Cultural Gems - A chat with Romena Brugnerotto from RomInVenice

Venice Talks by Monica Cesarato

Episode notes

Dive into the magic of Venice! From the grandeur of Carnival 2024 to the historic celebrations marking 700 years since Marco Polo's legacy, this episode is your exclusive guide to what's hot in Venice this year.

Join the conversation as we explore the heart of Venice with Romena Brugnerotto from RomInVenice! From the new upcoming day tax to local insights, this episode is your passport to the authentic Venetian experience.

Planning a trip to Venice in 2024? Don't miss out on the enchanting Venice Carnival, delve into the rich history of Marco Polo's 700th anniversary celebrations, and stay ahead with crucial info: the new entry booking system starts January 16th! Learn how to secure your spot, navigate group limits (25 pax only!), and why loud speakers are a no-go. Your ticket to an unforgettable Venetian adventure awaits – tune in fo ... 

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