Ep.47 - Stage Revival: Breathing Life into Venice's Historic San Cassiano Theatre. A chat with Paul Atkin from Teatro San Cassiano

Venice Talks by Monica Cesarato

Episode notes

In this episode, Monica engages in a conversation with Paul Atkin from Teatro San Cassiano, a project focused on reconstructing the original Teatro San Cassiano of 1637. The aim of this project is to revive historically-informed Baroque opera in Venice. The Teatro San Cassiano holds a significant historical position, being recognized as the world's first public opera house, established in 1637. The reconstruction efforts aim to not only restore the physical structure but also bring back the authentic atmosphere and experience of Baroque opera, allowing visitors to appreciate and engage with this important cultural heritage.

Ready to embark on a mesmerizing journey through time? Join us on our captivating podcast episode as we delve into the extraordinary story of reviving the enchanting San Cassiano Theatre in the heart of Venice! Discover  ... 

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