Episode 8: Dr. Richard Tillman, Creating Meaningful Connections

Published: Jul 14 2020

Dr. Richard Tillman is an educator and research psychologist teaching at the University of Cincinnati psychology department. At this year’s USDLA national conference, Dr. Tillman will offer a presentation titled “Creating Meaningful Connections in Distance Learning When Time is Limited”. Students feel more of a connection to their classroom community when they feel valued as individuals. Yet how can this time-consuming endeavor be achieved by faculty members without self-depleting, when we know that these professionals wear so many hats and have such limited time? Some strategies Dr. Tillman shares involve strategically using high-touch approaches to connect with students through short videos, email and messaging options, and discussion-board interactions, in addition to automating anything possible.

In this podcast episode, Richard offers insightful advice on how you can authentically and meaningfully engage your learners without becoming overwhelmed and without compromising your life-work balance. To participate in Dr. Tillman’s presentation, please join us at this year's July 21 to 24 virtual conference by registering at usdla.org.

In our next episode, we'll be joined by Carrie Purcell, co-founder of Tech Adaptika, who will preface her USDLA conference presentation by sharing a few soundbites on how the Adaptika LiVe Virtual Campus is ushering in tomorrow's eLearning solutions today.