Episode 7: Valary Oleinik, Revive Your Syllabus Through Gamification

Published: Jul 14 2020

Valery Oleinik is a fellow USDLA board of directors member, gamification expert, and all-around fascinating person. At this year’s USDLA national conference, Ms. Oleinik will offer a presentation titled “Syllabus Resuscitation: Revive Your Course Using Gamification”. If you put together some amazing course content but your learners still aren't engaged, please don’t be discouraged and know that you are not alone! Though her an interactive and collaborative conference session, Valary will help you start at the very beginning, and explore ways to turn your syllabus into a document learners don’t just gloss over but genuinely want to read!

In this podcast episode, Valary talks about why learners often do not read the course syllabus and what you can do to strategically change that, among others, tapping into some of the basic principles of gamification. To participate in Ms. Oleinik’s engaging keynote presentation, please join us at this year's July 21 to 24 virtual conference by registering at usdla.org.

In our next episode, we'll be joined by Dr. Richard Tillman, an educator and research psychologist teaching at the University of Cincinnati psychology department, who will preface his USDLA conference presentation by sharing a few soundbites on how faculty members can foster meaningful connections in distance learning, despite the limited time available to them.