Episode 5: Dr. Melissa Venable, 2020 Online Education Trends

Published: Jul 14 2020

Dr. Melissa Venable is an online advisor at BestColleges, in which capacity she leads and writes the annual Online Education Trends Report. At this year's USDLA national conference, Dr. Venable will offer a presentation titled “2020 Online Education Trends: Student & Administrator Insight”. This 6th annual report from BestColleges presents trends in online education gained through feedback from 398 online program administrators and 1500 students. This year's trends are presented in five categories: learner demographics, online learning experience, marketing and recruitment, program design and development, and student satisfaction.

In this podcast episode, Melissa offers a few insights into the topic, sharing some of the history of the annual BestColleges Online Education Trends and how the report has improved over the years. To hear Dr. Venable’s full presentation, please join us at this year's July 21 to 24 virtual conference by registering at usdla.org.

In our next episode, we'll be joined by Dr. Gerry Hanley, executive director at MERLOT and SkillsCommons and emeritus professor of psychology, who will preface his USDLA conference presentation by sharing a few soundbites on open educational resources.