Episode notes

Jodi Izzo is one of the strongest, most incredible women I’ve ever met. She comes from a military family of some of the toughest warriors, but she had no idea she would also have to become a warrior.

Her husband, Roman, had it all. He was a strong, talented, smart, good looking Army officer with a bright future ahead… until it was all taken away in an instant. He was given a 1% chance of survival, and Jodi instantly became a full-time caregiver to him for over 5 years while raising their 4 young children.

She constantly had to fight for him to get the right medical assistance, and now she passionately fights for other military families like hers who are overwhelmed when suddenly thrown into a life of long-term caregiving to a polytrauma patient.

You’ll hear:

  • About her beautiful marriage before Roman’s multiple brain ... 
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