Bonus Show - Driven Against All Odds w/ Mariah MayExplicit

In another "Casual Conversation with The Classic" episode, Justin talks to “The Glamour Girl” Mariah May. Mariah is an independent wrestler, content creator, YouTuber, model, influencer and good friend from the UK. They discuss her early memories of wrestling, how her upbringing prepared her for wrestling, how she always knew she wanted to do this, how they first met, her ambition to learn how to wrestle, her WWE tryout, staying diverse in what she’s doing outside of wrestling, stepping out of her comfort zone and what she’s learned about herself since she started wrestling.

They also talk about how she had to overcome the negativity on social media and judgemental stigmas that she had to deal with when it came to those who did not want to believe she really was passionate about wrestling because of the way she looked or her modelling background. Mariah also shares the stories of the time she wrestled at Progress Wrestling and being noticed by two of her all-time favourites with Trish Stratus and Nikki Bella.

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