Bonus Show - The First Three Years w/ Travis Williams

In another "Casual Conversations with The Classic" bonus show, Justin sits down with a friend and local independent wrestler "The Golden Boy" Travis Williams. Travis has been wrestling for three years getting his break in a company that Justin has a very close relationship with here in the Pacific Northwest which is Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling. Travis gives us a different perspective of breaking into wrestling and pursuing that dream with his story as he's only three years into his career. Travis talks about his journey by sharing all the ups and downs he has endured and what he is working towards in the future.

They also talk about ECCW as a company, their school, his trainers, that class of trainees he came up with, the evolution of ECCW roster, the epic Commodore "Ballroom Brawl" shows, the big names he's got to work with, what advice hes been given, wrestling in the Pacific Northwest. Defy Wrestling and Travis's personal favourite matches of his. Enjoy!

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