by Jeremy Segal and Andrew Marcus

Political Documentary Filmmakers Jeremy Segal and Andrew Marcus provide breaking and accurate predictions, deconstructions, and discombobulations of the media theater that throttles truth in our age. Are you ready to be baited?


Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E30 - Bullseye

    S01 E30 - Bullseye Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day and took a break from the propaganda. But now back to it! In today's Episode 30 find out the real reason why you will need a prescription for your cows, listener feedback ...

  • S01 E29 - Degrowth

    S01 E29 - Degrowth It's Friday everybody! Welcome back to the Truthbait podcast. In today's episode we have a fancy new name for culling the world's population, reparations for some, migrating neural wires, and the saddest presid...

  • S01 E28 - Itanimulli

    S01 E28 - Itanimulli It's Tuesday everybody, as promised, we are here! Excellent listener participation ladies and gentleman. We are tapping into the origins of covid propagandist Dr. Wen, Ricky Schroeder isn't naming names, Kenned...

  • S01 E27 - Impeach Everyone, Yay!!!!

    S01 E27 - Impeach Everyone, Yay!!!!

    Happy Friday Everyone, we have done it again to the best our ability, bringing you the truth this week, in spite of all types of personal distractions from surgeries to honeybees! In today's episode we review Mad Margie Green's la...

  • S01 E26 - Big Letdown

    S01 E26 - Big Letdown Today's show will horrify and educate you. In their own words, the WEF and Club of Rome want to peacefully murder billions of people while instituting corporatist control throughout the western world. Don't let...