Tranos & the Lived ExperienceExplicit

by Kamryn Ehlen Jerrel

Welcome to Tranos and the Lived Experience! A podcast confronting current events, politics, comedy, and calamity from the perspective of a Trans Titaness. She’s a verbal black belt, skilled in the Roast arts! The "Hell Mouth", "Doom Sayer." C.E.O. of the Amazon Position! Here’s your host, Kamryn Ehlen Jerrel... 

Podcast episodes

  • Red Flag

    Red Flag

    Today, Tranos brings you an extra long but extra serious episode. Producer Bee joins the show to talk about the shooting at Club Q. Kamryn and Bee talk through how they’ve been processing this tragedy, the people who did what they...

  • No One Fuqqin Asked!!!

    No One Fuqqin Asked!!!

    Tranos returns from some long, late hours in the lab to speak on some behaviors that trigger dysphoria. Kamryn took her time on this topic because she knew what she wanted to say, but it was hard to get the words out smoothly beca...

  • Koonye Grifting in Reverse

    Koonye Grifting in Reverse

    Tranos is back with an ambush episode! Kamryn chats with Louis Javier Mason about the downfall of Kanye West. They try to find the line of cancelability and discuss its malleability with regard to how consequences seem to never co...

  • Special Tranos Rebroadcast: Otherworldy

    Special Tranos Rebroadcast: Otherworldy

    There's no new episode this week because Tranos is metamorphosing her life to fit within her new converted bus! Kamryn is building her new home aboard Skantuary, so the show is revisiting a Tranos classic while her attention is el...

  • Mallratz (I Sense Trans People)

    Mallratz (I Sense Trans People)

    This week, y”all get a special Tranos double header! Arwen Kathke from Cardboard TIme returns to the show to talk about what it was like growing up during the height of mall culture and what kinds of crimes were best to do at the ...