Tranos & the Lived ExperienceExplicit

by Kamryn Ehlen Jerrel

Welcome to Tranos and the Lived Experience! A podcast confronting current events, politics, comedy, and calamity from the perspective of a Trans Titaness. She’s a verbal black belt, skilled in the Roast arts! The "Hell Mouth", "Doom Sayer." C.E.O. of the Amazon Position! Here’s your host, Kamryn Ehlen Jerrel... 

Podcast episodes

  • Golden Gurl Glizzy

    Golden Gurl GlizzyExplicit

    CW: CSA, gender dysphoriaToday, Tranos reveals her experience of sexuality. Kamryn has spoken briefly before about her sexual history and how she discovered it, but she’s taking you on a deep dive today. How does medical transitio...

  • Happy Kamiversary- Thanks Jon

    Happy Kamiversary- Thanks Jon

    Tranos and The Lived experience is one year old. Thanks to all the listeners and fans who have made this run possible. This week, Kamryn expresses her gratitude to her friend the late Jon Huber a.k.a. Brodie Lee who was the first ...

  • Embracing Villainy: The Rise of Transneto

    Embracing Villainy: The Rise of Transneto

    When Kamryn Ehlen Jerrel came out as a trans woman, she created a monster. By announcing her transness to the world, she became a villain. People see her identity and use it as evidence that she’s in the wrong when she advocates f...

  • Zimmerman Equals Rittenhouse

    Zimmerman Equals Rittenhouse

    On November 20, Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted after a hyper-visible trial presided over by a judge who was apparently hostile to the deceased victims and strongly biased in favor of the defendant. The case seemed straightforward ...

  • Trans Whiteness Is Also Toxic

    Trans Whiteness Is Also Toxic

    Tranos has words for white people. Kamryn examines the tension between transness and race and discusses ways in which white trans people are sometimes just white people who happen to be trans. She relates her own experiences of mi...