Podcast & Radio for Beginners with Verena Louise and Donny Watkin

Townsville ChamberCast by The Townsville Chamber of Commerce

Episode notes

🎙️ Podcasters and Experts in Radio - Verena Louise and Donny Watkins

In our latest podcast episode, we dive into the intriguing careers of l podcasters and experts in radio Powe100 FM Present Donny Watkin and his fearless boss Verena Louise the General Manager of ARN (StarFM and Power100FM). We find out how the Seaview sealed the deal in getting Donny to move here and discuss the most successful radio story lines, their passion for Townsville and eventually get on to sharing top tips for podcasting!

Plus, find out who would win in a fight: a taco or a toastie! 🌮🥪

Stay tuned for more valuable discussions and insights! 🎧✨

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