May 2023 - Big Announcement!

Three Fates Decide - Women Opining on Pop Culture by Three Fates Decide

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May 26 2023

Hello everyone, this is Liz back in front of the mic giving you guys an update to our
previous announcement in episode 89 about our hiatus.
So just to let you guys know that we will be releasing new content on our feed starting
on June 2nd.
For the month of May we will be working on new episodes that you shall be hearing in
a few weeks.
Just to let you guys know that we are currently working on two basic things.
So the main thing that we're also working on is we're actually revamping our website
which for those of you who have never visited our website it is
Now for some of you listeners you may have visited our website in the past.
If you were to revisit the website now or if you recently visited our site you will
probably notice that it looks pretty different from wh

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