E88 - The Court Trial of Alex Murdaugh

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Trigger Warning: Discussions of murder and gruesome crime scenes is included in this episode. If these are things that you aren't interested in or find too disturbing, please do not listen."Step into the world of true crime with the latest episode of the Three Fates Decide podcast. In this captivating episode, the host Sam delves into the  ...  See more
Mar 24 2023

Hello everyone and welcome back to Three Fates to Side. My name is Sam and I am
doing another solo episode on the Murdaugh trial, the Alec Murdaugh trial. I
know I did a solo a few weeks ago about the Netflix documentary and I promised
that I would come back and do one on the actual trial so here I am. It just so
happens that the week that I did the documentary solo episode was also the
week that Alec Murdaugh was found guilty on all four charges and sentenced to two
consecutive life sentences. You think you know what we're going to talk about
and welcome back to Three Fates to Side. It just sounds more dramatic that way.
All right so this week we are going to be talking about... But just when you least
expect it we changed the game. One Will Smith slapped Chris Rock. I mean we
always cele

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