E86 - Sam's Solo: Netflix Murdaugh Family Murders Documentary

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The new Netflix documentary "The Murdaugh Murders of Southern Scandal" is a must-watch. It goes into multiple deaths that are linked to the Murdaugh family, and how they tried to sweep things under the rug. Alex Murdaugh is on trial again for the murder of his wife Maggie and his son Paul, and the documentary doesn't shy away from the det  ...  See more
Mar 10 2023

You think you know what we're going to talk about.
And welcome back to Three Fates Decide.
It just sounds more dramatic that way.
All right, so this week we are going to be talking about.
But just when you least expect it, we changed the game.
One Will Smith slapped Chris Rock.
I mean, we always celebrated Easter.
Here's part of the half-loved prince.
So we're gonna do another free talk, free style thing,
no planned discussion.
At the end of the day, only one thing matters.
We decide.
We're gonna hit the main highlights.
That is the thing that we were saying back in that episode.
Good recap.
Three Fates Decide podcast.
Hello everyone and welcome back to Three Fates Decide.
My name is Sam and I am going to be doing
another lovely solo episode for you.
And for this episode, we're going to be

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