E82 - Actors We Thirst Over

Three Fates Decide - Women Opining on Pop Culture by Three Fates Decide
The three unmarried, female hosts of this podcast have decided in "honor" of Valentine's Day, they'd spend an episode talking about celebrities they thirst and have crushes on. If you're not remotely interested in this episode, we have 81 other episodes you can check out or wait until next week's episode. However if you want to reminisce  ...  See more
Feb 10 2023

Hello everyone.
Welcome to another episode of Three Fates Decide.
My name is Liz and I'm with my two co-hosts, Sam and Mary.
Hi, sorry.
I literally, my computer froze.
Oh, okay.
This topic is too hot to handle.
Yeah, literally you said something, you were in the middle of saying a disclaimer and that
you wanted to say a disclaimer and then nothing.
Oh boy.
Hi y'all.
Okay, so I have to put a little disclaimer before we start this episode.
So the topic in honor of Valentine's Day and the fact that we are all single is we are
going to be fangirling and talking about actors and celebrities in general that we think are
hot, basically.
So if you're not interested in listening to us spend the next 30 plus minutes on the subject,
we have about, oh, 81 other episodes before

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