E49 - Bridgerton (Season 2)

Three Fates Decide - Women Opining on Pop Culture by Three Fates Decide
Discover the captivating twists and turns of Netflix's Bridgerton in the latest episode of Three Fates Decide - Women Opining on Pop Culture. Mary, Liz, and Sam explore the dramatic arc of season two, from the Duke of Hastings' lies to the Viscount's strict criteria for a bride. Join them as they share their thoughts on the popular romanc  ...  See more
May 07 2022

You think you know what we're going to talk about.
But unfortunately I fell down a damn rabbit hole and I've not gotten out yet.
Knife bros.
I literally googled Sebastian Stan hands.
But just when you least expect it, we changed the game.
Well yeah, because usually in astrology they would partner up air signs with fire signs.
Alright, you can you can huggle.
Time travel stories.
At the end of the day only one thing matters.
We decide.
Well we should make it a topic.
Unfortunately I didn't take German in school.
I barely took Spanish and I don't remember any of it.
Three Fates Decide podcast.
Hey everyone and welcome back to Three Fates Decide.
My name is Mary and with my co-hosts Liz and Sam.
Say hi ladies.
Alright so this week we are going to be talking about Bridgerton season two on

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