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by Three Fates Decide

We're three women who love to chat about a variety of topics that run from our favorite pop culture fandoms to real world subjects. What we talk about varies every week! What will we talk about next? We decide! Subscribe or follow us on your favorite podcast listening app to find out! For more details about us and our show, check out our website: This podcast normally uploads Fridays. 

Podcast episodes

  • E90 - King Charles's Coronation

    E90 - King Charles's Coronation

    In this episode, we talk about the coronation of King Charles III. Please go to our Linktree ( to find out more about our show and how to contact us.

  • E89 - An Announcement

    E89 - An Announcement

    In this solo episode, Liz makes an important announcement.- Three Fates Decide podcast going on hiatus due to personal issues- No new episodes in April- Liz plans to work on website during hiatus- Encourages newer listeners to che...

  • E88 - The Court Trial of Alex Murdaugh

    E88 - The Court Trial of Alex Murdaugh

    Trigger Warning: Discussions of murder and gruesome crime scenes is included in this episode. If these are things that you aren't interested in or find too disturbing, please do not listen."Step into the world of true crime with t...

  • E87 - The Current Banking Mess

    E87 - The Current Banking Mess

    Discover how the current banking crisis is impacting the average person and what steps President Biden is taking to contain it. Don't panic - the FDIC provides up to $250,000 of deposit insurance per bank and per depositor, so you...

  • E86 - Sam's Solo: Netflix Murdaugh Family Murders Documentary

    E86 - Sam's Solo: Netflix Murdaugh Family Murders Documentary

    The new Netflix documentary "The Murdaugh Murders of Southern Scandal" is a must-watch. It goes into multiple deaths that are linked to the Murdaugh family, and how they tried to sweep things under the rug. Alex Murdaugh is on tri...