Getting to know - Professor Tim Bedding

The World Around Us by Jake Chidiac

Episode notes

We kick off the podcast series with getting to know Professor Tim Bedding, an Australian Astronomer from the University of Sydney.

In todays chat we talk about Tims work in stellar oscillations, black holes, special relativity, Einstein and more. We even touch on what lead Tim to choosing a career in the sciences and hear advice from Tim to upcoming aspiring scientists.

The physical world is one of extraordinary complexity and is difficult to quantify in its entirety. In todays podcast we also discuss the fundamental limit of interpreting physical systems and where the role of religion comes into scientific interpretations.

We look forward to having Professor Bedding on again for part 2. If you have any questions you would like him to answer please feel free to send them through to the following email address :

jchi0749@un ... 

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