Episode 2: Learning to Feel Your Emotions Changes How you Experience Life w/ Matt Adams, Emotional Intimacy Coach

Conscious Rebellion with Samantha Sacchi by Samantha Sacchi

Episode notes

Feeling our emotions sounds so simple. But we have lost touch with one of the most basic functions of our human body.

Instead of using our emotions to navigate the world and our understanding of ourselves, we often end up judging ourselves for them with our mind, fighting them, and pushing them away. We judge our sadness, we judge our anger, we judge our fear. And well, it gets compelicated.

But what if we just felt them instead?

We are in dire need of healing as race, and most likely you feel it on an individual level. Learning how to navigate our emotions is one of the first steps to be part of the healing.

Matt Adams is an International Emotional Intimacy Coach now based in Melbourne, Australia. He is best known for his work generating a mean ... 

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