E15 - Transformational Practice with Ginger Davis Allman

The Sage Arts by Sage Bray Varon
Practice, iteration, discipline, commitment… do these concepts bring up a sense of dread or conjure images of tedious repetition when associated with your artistic process? Well, we might just change your view on that after listening to this episode.In “Transformational Practice”, I speak with Ginger Davis Allman, the head guru and creato  ...  See more
Mar 18 2023

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Ginger Davis Allman - And each time you learn something, and each time you get more of an understanding of capturing that female thing, that's the magical mustiness that you're. Trying to make.
Sage - Hello all, my enthusiastic creative friends. Thank you for joining me today on the Stage Arts podcast. I'm sage, your host and creative enabler for all you curious and adventurous makers out there. I apologize that this is getting out ad. Late, but after kind of overfeeding, my muse and Maui last week, I came home and had a really hard time getting back to work, especially since I had to do my taxes, which is always hard to get into, right?
Ginger Davis Allman - So I got.
Sage - A little behind, but I promise it's well worth the wait a

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