E13 - The Art of Compassionate Critique w/guest co-host Brett Varon

The Sage Arts by Sage Bray Varon
How do you feel about critique? Do you welcome it? Do you avoid it? What does or would the purpose of critique be in your artistic process assuming you would want to take advantage of all the wonderful things it can do for you?Sound serious? Well, we’re not! There is a ton of fun and silliness to be had around this sometimes scary subject  ...  See more
Mar 03 2023

Why are you laughing at me?
You're having such a hard time over here.
Okay, let's get serious.
Yeah, yeah, okay.
Kimber, quiet.
Hi, all my lovely creative friends.
Thank you for joining me again for the Sage Arts Podcast.
I'm Sage, your host, and I am here today with my favorite guest co-host, Brett Varen.
Oh, stop.
You are my favorite.
Well, thank you.
You're my favorite too.
You're my favorite host.
Well, you're my only host actually, but I don't do podcasts too often.
But in any case, Brett and I are in the podcasting room together this time, which we weren't
last time because we kept having technical difficulties.
So we're going to try, hopefully we've got them cleared up.
Yeah, so we're in the podcast room together on a late evening.
We're about to bring something to drink.
What did y

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