S01 E06 - Hooked On Classics

Theory & Thoughts for Magicians by Ryan Pilling
In 1954 the Magic Circle presented the Hoffmann Memorial Lecture by Charles Harrison on "The Qualities of a Classical Feat of Magic." In it he suggests eight common features of a trick which make it a "classic."Not everyone is on the same page. In his introduction to "Magic By Misdirection" Dariel Fitzkee makes the opposite argument; that  ...  See more
May 31 2022

Don’t worry, this is not a commercial for some luxury product, this is a podcast about magic tricks.
Alright, let’s have a look at the set list for the show today;
Opening with a torn and restored newspaper, accompanied with a few jokes taken from current headlines.
A quick billiard ball manipulation routine, with some lively music, then the final ball becomes an egg, which then transitions into an Egg Bag routine.
Eight solid steel rings are counted out then linked and unlinked in surprising ways, and made into a number of curiously recognizable figures, such as a blooming flower, before ending in a long chain to triumphant applause.
Sounds like a good workable act. It will surely win over the sophisticated tastes of today’s modern audiences.
Or was it presented for audiences fifty years

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