S01 E04 - Setting The Stage

Theory & Thoughts for Magicians by Ryan Pilling

The success of your magic show hinges upon your audience being ready to receive it. I have a four phase process I use to develop a relationship with my audience, maintain a positive mood, and roll out the red carpet for a magical evening.

Apr 05 2022

Setting The Stage

I spend a lot of time thinking, writing, and now speaking about the process of making magic. Some real high-falootin’ stuff! However, despite what some of my theoretical discussions may suggest, I don’t consider myself a particularly artistic magician.

I’m just your general magician. I don’t work particularly fancy gigs. The thing I’m really, really good at is pulling up to an empty community hall, loading in some gear, and turning it into a theater for the night. I’m a one-man crew; lights, sound, and magic. I aim to put on a show which will be an evening of laugh-out-loud entertainment for hard-working people and their family. Or lazy people and their families… who am I to judge? In the magic biz, we call this a “real-world show.”

It’s not really about what I want to

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