Theory & Thoughts for Magicians

by Ryan Pilling

Ideas and inspiration to grow as a magician. Each episode will give you something to think about for improving your performances, creativity, and audience engagement. Presented by magic creator, author, and lecturer Ryan Pilling. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E06 - Hooked On Classics

    S01 E06 - Hooked On Classics

    In 1954 the Magic Circle presented the Hoffmann Memorial Lecture by Charles Harrison on "The Qualities of a Classical Feat of Magic." In it he suggests eight common features of a trick which make it a "classic."Not everyone is on ...

  • S01 E05 - Weakness Is Strength

    S01 E05 - Weakness Is Strength

    A look at your personal style as a performer, as defined by your strengths, weakness, and limitations. Magicians generally tend to be all happy-go-lucky razzle-dazzle, but being yourself means bringing both the best and worst of y...

  • S01 E04 - Setting The Stage

    S01 E04 - Setting The Stage

    The success of your magic show hinges upon your audience being ready to receive it. I have a four phase process I use to develop a relationship with my audience, maintain a positive mood, and roll out the red carpet for a magical ...

  • S01 E03 - Creating Chaos

    S01 E03 - Creating Chaos

    Magicians strive to control every detail of a performance, yet the more you control, the weaker the magic becomes. What happens when you let more chaos into your presentations? How can you make your process feel more random?

  • S01 E02 - Do You Believe In Magic?

    S01 E02 - Do You Believe In Magic?

    In this episode we dig into what your magician character believes they are actually doing when they present magic. What is really happening to cause the magic effect? What does it mean when they snap their fingers?Understanding th...