#16: Scaling a 7 Figure Business While Healing w/ Sam Vander Wielen

The Madeline Show by Madeline Cecilia Dunn

Episode notes

Attorney turned entrepreneur Sam Vender Wielen is here to share her story of building a multiple 7-figure business while healing from physical and emotional trauma.

Sam is my favorite to follow on social media for legal tips that would cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars elsewhere. I have had legal memberships to software like Rocket Lawyer and hired attorneys, paying their hourly, for advice.

What Sam brings to online business owners is no substitute for having your own attorney. AND there is plenty you can do on your own without an attorney like registering your LLC and filing your company’s trademark.

Sam’s Ultimate Bundle membership (affiliate link https://samvanderwielen.samcart.com/referral/ultimate-bun ... 

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