The Lost Crimes LibraryExplicit

by Neysa Henderson

The Lost Crimes Library is a true crime podcast written and hosted by Neysa Henderson, focused on spotlighting the lost true crime cases of black people. Our hope is to inform the world about these forgotten cases, and tell a story that you’ll never forget. Each week, we grab a story off the shelf, dust it off, and share with you the mysterious and heartbreaking crimes abandoned throughout the years. Welcome to the Lost Crimes ... Read more
True Crime

Podcast episodes

  • Episode 20: The Roxbury Murders

    Episode 20: The Roxbury MurdersExplicit

    Between January and May of 1979, eleven Black women and one white woman were murdered within several miles of one another in the Roxbury neighborhood on the south side of Boston, Massachusetts. *Please note no copyright infringem...

    Jun 16 2021
    Jun 16 2021
  • Episode 19: Adam (Torso in the Thames)

    Episode 19: Adam (Torso in the Thames)Explicit

    On September 21, 2001, the torso of a young black boy was found floating in the River Thames, near Tower Bridge in central London. He was initially dubbed “Adam” by police officers. Over the years, Adam’s unidentified remains wou...

    Jun 02 2021
    Jun 02 2021
  • Episode 18: Leslie Adams / Yamisha Thomas

    Episode 18: Leslie Adams / Yamisha ThomasExplicit

    On October 21, 2005, mother and Navy Veteran, Leslie Adams, disappeared in Lilburn, Georgia. A few years later, in Columbus, Georgia, Yamisha Thomas disappeared. If you are experiencing domestic violence and you need help, you c...

    May 19 2021
    May 19 2021
  • Episode 17: Brandi Mells, Shanta, Shenice & Jeremiah Myers

    Episode 17: Brandi Mells, Shanta, Shenice & Jeremiah MyersExplicit

    In 2017, in Upstate New York, Brandi Mells and her partner, Shanta Myers, and Shanta’s children, Jeremiah & Shenice, were all savagely murdered the day after Christmas. If you like the podcast and want to support Black creators,...

    May 05 2021
    May 05 2021
  • Episode 16: Dawn & Antonio Armstrong (Part 2)

    Episode 16: Dawn & Antonio Armstrong (Part 2)Explicit

    In today’s episode, you will hear the rest of the trial and the many statements of those who took the stand for the prosecution and the defense. The defense will offer other theories for who killed Dawn and Antonio. You will get ...

    Apr 28 2021
    Apr 28 2021