The Kingdom Episode 28: Renewable Energy in Bitcoin Mining with Jesse Peltan

Published: Nov 17 2020

What will the future of crypto mining look like?

In this episode, we’re thinking ahead about the relationship between mining and energy, and where renewables will play a role. John, CEO of Soluna, and Phillip, VP of Corporate Development, talk to Jesse Peltan, co-founder and CTO of HODL Ranch – a developer of large scale Bitcoin mining projects in Texas. Jesse dropped out of college to become a co-founder and is on a mission to bring hashrate to the US.

Jesse shares his first-hand experience in the industry since 2017, where value creation in institutional scale mining has shifted. These shifts have inevitably had an impact on power generation, cost, and distribution. You can expect to learn more about the changing mining industry, especially in the competitive deregulated power market in Texas.

Additionally, we discuss the future of renewable energy in bitcoin mining–where it works and where it doesn’t–and the importance of decentralized finance throughout the world.

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