The Kingdom Episode 24: How the Oil Industry Deals with Crisis and its Impact on Climate Change with Bill Hayes and Sanjeev Kumar

Published: Jul 08 2020

We talk to Sanjeev Kumar, a strategic advisor to Soluna and Bill Hayes, former Head of Legal and External Affairs at Kosmos Energy to learn more about the oil, especially as the industry faces disruption during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Tune in for an interesting educational lesson on the history of oil, its rise as an energy source, and its influence on the global economy. Then, we unpack the complexity of the oil industry from Texas to Africa in the last few decades and the technological innovations that have saved the industry through its historical challenges.

We question the future of oil and the recent impact of renewables on the industry, gaining invaluable insight from Sanjeev and Bill learnings from their extensive experience in the energy industry. Could these recent challenges be the catalyst for a Renewable Future?

For the article Phil Ng mentioned during the episode, read The Shale Apocolypse, and What It Can Teach Bitcoin Miners on our blog!

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