The Kingdom Episode 23: Diversity, Renewable Energy, and Tech with CEO John Belizaire

Published: Jun 24 2020

John Belizaire, CEO, sits with Ashley Capuzzi to discuss John’s experience with diversity as a leader in the fields of technology and renewable energy.

In this episode, you’ll also hear John talk about his background in tech, his drive for entrepreneurship, and for learning about people, and how he found himself in the renewable energy space.

As one of Soluna’s core values, diversity is not only important to our team but truly makes up our company’s DNA.

As we continue with season 2 of our podcast, which will focus on renewable energy, we’re excited to share with you some wonderful conversations with people from all different walks of life, experiences, and expertise.

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For more on what was discussed in this episode, read Diversity in Blockchain on our blog!

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