The Kingdom Episode 12: Is Crypto Winter Over or Have We Reached an Ice Age?

Published: Jul 12 2018

Bitcoin’s volatility has birthed many skeptics. In this episode, the team gives their opinion about "Crypto Winter" and how it affects the market. Is bitcoin dead? According to Phillip Ng, VP of Corporate Development,

“VC investments have not diminished, companies continue to move ahead... It’s my understanding that coin based valuation has remained pretty heady, exchanges are still getting funded, new projects are still launching…”

How will this affect Soluna? CTO Dip Patel reminds us that “technology is serving a need,” and “...What [Soluna] is going to be is integrators of a lot of different components and inventors of how to integrate them, versus the inventors of the components themselves…”

What players in the crypto ecosystems continue to grow despite instability?

Well, as we know, only the strong survive.

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