The Kingdom Episode 17: Core Values - One Year Later

Published: Aug 30 2019

It’s been a year since we’ve sat down to talk about our core values. We addressed Soluna’s mission to be transparent, to support local economies, and to produce 100% clean, renewable energy in our 2nd episode: What Do We Value?. In that episode, our CEO John Belizaire explained:

“Core values are immutable things…. when you first shape them, they are foundational elements and over time they might change, some are aspirational, that sort of thing- but in my view we had to first define how are we going to be different than every other company that's in the blockchain ecosystem today.”

In this “rearview mirror” episode, VP of Corporate Development, Phillip Ng, interviews John to revisit the values that have centered our growth at Soluna. Together, they discuss how we’ve remained true to our values, how they’ve been challenged, and how they continue to differentiate us from others.

“This market can have dark corners,” as John says, so it’s important that we don’t lose sight of who we are at our core, both as a company, and those we work with.

What should other CEO’s know about setting core values?

How do core values magnetize a team as a company scales?

Learn this and more in this episode of The Kingdom.

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