Ep 18: Life As A Full Time Investor W/ Kelvin Soh

Published: Mar 03 2021

Kelvin Soh is a full-time investor and senior analyst with 10x Capital. He specializes in finding high-growth businesses with a focus on software companies. This has enabled him to generate a compounded annual return of more than 30% over the last 5 years.

In this episode, Kelvin Soh shares his journey to becoming a full-time investor, as well as his research process in finding the best companies to invest in.

He also shared his thoughts on a slightly controversial question from our audience, about the current investing environment we're in, and if cash is really worth holding on to today.

Listen on to find out more!


00:01:50 -- How His Passion Got Him Started in Investing

00:04:00 -- The Evolution of his Investing Style

00:06:41 -- Why Stock Returns Differ between S&P 500 and STI Index

00:09:32 -- Is It Risky Investing in the USA Stock Market?

00:11:30 -- His Research Process and Preferences for Management Team

00:16:50 -- What is a Good Management Team?

00:21:26 -- Our Objective of our Managed Accounts

00:26:46 -- Cash is Trash?

00:32:42 -- What Keeps Him Going?

00:39:45 -- The Other Side of Being a Full-Time Investor

00:44:18 -- Advice to Other Investors

00:46:50 -- Parting Words

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