Ep 16: Achieving Outsized Returns Through Unconventional Trading Methods W/ Michael Lipka

Published: Dec 29 2020

Michael Lipka is a shrewd, self-taught investor who compounded his money at an average return of 89.03% from 2009 to 2020. He is based in Colorado, USA and he is the founder of DeskRiser.

In this episode, Michael Lipka shares about the 3 types of stocks that he chooses to focus on, as well as how he analyses Management teams in order to determine if a company is worth investing in.

We also discussed the differences between the average investor and an investor who is able to outperform the market - this is an especially important sharing because these differences allowed him to achieve outsized returns year after year!

Time markers:

[0:00] Who is Michael Lipka?

[7:30] Strategy to Identify Turnarounds Stock

[13:30] His Favored Industries and His Bigger Winners in 2020

[18:20] How to Juggle with Life as an Investor

[20:40] His Passion for Investing

[24:10] Process of Achieving His First Million

[29:55] How to Analyse Management Teams

[33:50] Being a Rule Breaker

[37:00] Unconventional Strategies

[41:30] His Plans for a Platform for Investors

[49:00] His Sell Strategy

[53:04] His Advice to Get Better at Investing

If you wish to find more about Michael, you can find him on Twitter as @hiddensmallcaps.

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