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Welcome to the Hot Mess Mom! This is a place where you can listen in and not feel bad about the hot mess that you are because no one is perfect and, like, neither am I. I'm far from it. Whether you are a mom or not, we're friends here chillin' on my couch in my living room and talking about ALL the things. Let's kiki like the responsible, yet, not-so-responsible 30-year-olds we are in this no-filter, judgment-free zone.  

Podcast episodes

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  • S01 E16 - She's Had an EVENTFUL Week!

    S01 E16 - She's Had an EVENTFUL Week!Explicit

    Life UpdateTHANK YOU for tuning inLast weekend/this week -It's hard being a single mama and getting ANYTHING doneStudying for ESL/Test day (today 8/4)Looking forward to next weekTHREE MORE WEEKS! ( #IYKYK )TV RecapLove Island UK P...

  • S01 E15 - She made it TWO weeks

    S01 E15 - She made it TWO weeks

    Follow me on social mediaInstagram: @lifewithyuriannaPodcast @thehotmessmompodcastPodcast is sponsored by The Patreon: The Hot Mess Mom (After Dark). Subscribe and support this podcast! Re...

  • S01 E14 - It's Crunch Time

    S01 E14 - It's Crunch Time

    Life Recap I reminisce on how the world used to be when we were growing up and how unsafe the world is these days (people/pandemic). Juggling with either sheltering my daughter too much or just putting through life experiences.I g...

  • S01 E13 - I Started Therapy

    S01 E13 - I Started Therapy

    Sponsored by: Life Recap over recent news I learned last weekend. I struggled a lot and realized there's much more work that I need to do on myself.Bravo Recap: RHOBH, RHODubai, Southern Char...

  • S01 E12 - The C Word

    S01 E12 - The C WordExplicit

    Recap of the events of the last 2 weeks! (My life was full of the C-word)Quick Bravo Recap & what I'm currently watchingAmazon Recommendations!Bookshelf Wire Cube Storage Organizer