Boss Babes! Embarking on Your Purpose and Creating a Lucrative Business that Aligns with Your Soul

THE GREAT BREAK: the podcast you don't want to hear! by Rena Wells

Episode notes

GUEST: Linda Jacobsen

Powerhouse Linda Jacobsen is here to bring women tangible results for those who know they have purpose and drive to create a lucrative business but who are stuck in their own limitations. Do you want to learn the ways of alchemy to be financially stable in your feminine power? If so, it's going to take a strong leader who is going to remind you, and guide you along the path of self doubt.

The truest power women hold is rising and shifting the planet in really tangible ways, guiding and leveraging other women into their highest purpose at this time.

Linda brings a fresh wave of perspective that breaks the glass ceiling of your most expansive potential tapping into a power women tend to shy away from. She is able to shine a light and give you the guidance to step into this power without the excuses you have t ... 

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