The Sacred Power of Birth, Labor & Delivery and the Spiritual Warfare on Women

THE GREAT BREAK: the podcast you don't want to hear! by Rena Wells

Episode notes

GUEST: Chantal Mirza

Welcome to the show Chantal Mirza who is a birth doula in practice and an entrepreneur of Lavendula Skincare products. She is here to discuss the super powers of women when we are connected to the energy of sacred feminine energies during pregnancy, labor and birth.

We will be diving deeply into the spiritual warfare on women's body's, and the attacks we experience of the unconscious suppression of our confidence to labor and birth naturally. This disconnects us from our natural deepest intuitive wisdom and when we are disconnected from this inner wisdom we fail to recognize the highly spiritual and mystical activations that are available to us when we are with child.

Learn about the potency of the powers women have as Chantal describes her profound visions during her labor and birth experience that was give ... 

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