An Entrepreneurial Woman's Journey Of Awakening & Supporting Conscious Business

THE GREAT BREAK: the podcast you don't want to hear! by Rena Wells

Episode notes

GUEST: Gayle Nowak

Gayle Nowak had many awakening points in her life but what clenched it for her was rediscovering herself through her entrepreneurial spirit. Now she coaches and runs retreats for women who are challenging our mindset of how we conduct business.

When conscious women rediscover oneself through business they end up adding a greater value to self. It is in this value that creates a significant shift in our changing world.

Today awakened women are collectively gathering to support one another in their visions. When women validate each other in their intuitive insights they collectively create new foundations and encourage others to build outside of the box.

Join us as we challenge the old mindsets of manifesting, cocreation and running conscious spiritual businesses to bring change to future generations.

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