Breaking the Mind, Spiritual Awakening, Mysticism & Accepting the Soul's Path

THE GREAT BREAK: the podcast you don't want to hear! by Rena Wells

Episode notes

GUEST: Chrissy Tolle

Chrissy Tolley who is a Magical Realist is currently working as a professional psychic in the Arizona area, and host to a brand new exciting reality TV series. She is a super accurate psychic, and making great changes in the world in a vibrant fresh way! We will go into Chrissy's personal awakening story where she was following life based on societal norms when suddenly she had an intense spiritual experience that shook her awake not knowing she had a clear connection to other worldly energies. Find out about her transition out of the mind and into her higher knowing and the challenges she faced healing ancestral stigmas and going against the norm as she took a leap of faith into her soul's calling. Her life quickly unfolded once she accepted herself and what she was meant to do.

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