The Dot December 2021

The Dot by Greg Beran

Episode notes

The Dot is a podcast dedicated to new songs, new artists and new albums every month. The point of The Dot is to expose these artist to new fans by reviewing all notable releases within the month, and featuring short previews of songs/artists that may have been overlooked. We urge our listeners to support the musicians by going to their shows, buying their merch and sharing the music with their friends and family. Every month, our team reaches out to the management teams of each artists whose songs have been previewed in the episode. If there are any objections, the content is removed immediately. Please do what you can to support musicians and keep them in a position where they continue to bless our ears with great tunes. You can see more great content produced in the Delaware Valley at firststatestudios.com. We encourage your feedback and if you ... 

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