S02 E23 - Finding Fam Fam with Ka-Bang Lauron

The Decolonizing Medicine Podcast by Jamee Pineda
Ka-Bang Lauron, @ka_bangbang, (all pronouns) is a disabled, queer, genderfluid, mixed race filipinx multimedia artist with a love for book arts, print, and decolonial art. They graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 2020 with a degree in Feminist Studies and Art, and currently work as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Their wor  ...  See more
Apr 06 2023

Mabuhay, I'm Jamee Pinedaand this is the Decolonizing Medicine Podcast.
I am a queer, non-binary trans person and my ancestors are Tagalog and Chinoy.
My healing arts practice is located at Fruit Camp in Baltimore, Maryland, traditional territory
of the Piscataway, and also my services are available virtually.
I was contacted by a listener inquiring as to why I stopped doing land acknowledgments
in more recent episodes, and I think that is a great question.
I go back and forth on whether or not to include a land acknowledgement, not because it's not
important, but because I have seen it used in ways that stay performative rather than
actually contributing to the material reality of land back and solidarity with Indigenous
I was reminded by this listener that we need to keep this con

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