S02 E22 - Fight like a F*g with Cuán McCann

The Decolonizing Medicine Podcast by Jamee Pineda
Cuán Sabino McCann (he/him), @bmorebata, is a white trans person of Irish and Italian descent, a big old homo, and a teacher of Irish martial arts. He's a certified Level 4 Coach in the Doyle family style of bataireacht ("BAH-tair-acht"), a traditional Irish martial art where folks use walking sticks (known as shillelaghs) for community  ...  See more
Mar 07 2023

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Mabuhay! I'm Jamee Pineda and this is The Decolonizing Medicine Podcast. I am a queer non binary trans person and my ancestors are Tagalog and Chinoy my healing arts practice is located at Fruit Camp in Baltimore, Maryland, and virtually.

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Announcements time! So as promised Qi Gong for QTBIPGM is coming back. These courses are live on Zoom. Registration for the next Dambana ng Dibdib, which is the QTBIPGM class will open in April and the course will start in May. I'll be announcing more details on my newsletter and upcoming podcast so stay tuned for that. Captions are up for Episode 21: "Blood, Smoke, Fire and Trees with Rebecca Nunziato" You can check that out on YouTube, captions and scholarships for QTBIPGM Qi Gong are supported by my Patreon. Ple

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