S02 E20 - Play and Possibility with Ryookyung Kim

The Decolonizing Medicine Podcast by Jamee Pineda
This might be one of the most playful conversations I have ever had - an absolute delight. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as me.@party.noodles (they/them) is a celebrant, a shapeshifter, often in a transition of sorts.류 [ryoo] means: to stay, to be with, to leave behind (a message, a mark), to accept (a gift), to allow to grow.경  ...  See more
Jan 06 2023

Jamee Pineda 0:15
Hi, I'm Jamee Pineda and this is the decolonizing medicine podcast. I am a queer non binary trans person and my ancestors are Tagalog and Chinoy my healing arts practice is located at fruit camp in Baltimore, Maryland. And virtually today's guests brings sacredness to silliness. This might be one of the most playful conversations I have ever had. And it was an absolute delight. Ryookyung Kim (they/them) is a celebrant, a shapeshifter. Often in a transition of sorts, you means to stay to be with to leave behind, a message or mark to accept a gift to allow to grow. Kyung means fortune, blessing, wealth, auspicious, good luck ceremony, celebration. They currently support humans whose very existence disrupts the status quo by way of celebration that honors their sacred uni

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