S02 E19 - That Which is Most Powerful Inside of Us with Joy Tabernacle KMT

The Decolonizing Medicine Podcast by Jamee Pineda
Joy Tabernacle-KMT (@tabernaclelife), she/they/opulence, iz a Hoodoo, healer, mother, artist, ceremonialist, spiritual teacher, liberation mystic & opulence. She iz a guide to intense, passionate, powerful, Beings that carry big, wild, beautiful, mojo, medicine & magic that requires deep support, radical witnessing, courageous choice and  ...  See more
Dec 07 2022

Jamee Pineda 00:15
Hi, I'm Jamee Pineda and this is The Decolonizing Medicine Podcast. I am a queer non binary trans person and my ancestors are Tagalog and Chinoy. My healing arts practice is located at Fruitcamp in Baltimore, Maryland. I am so excited for this next next guest because they're absolutely positively luscious. Joy Tabernacle KMT is a hoodoo healer, mother, artist, ceremonial list, spiritual teacher, liberation, mystic and opulence. She is a guide to intense passionate powerful beings that carry big, wild beautiful mojo medicine and magic that requires deep support. Radical witnessing courageous choice and resident resident clarity for expansion and expression. Hi, Joy, welcome to the decolonizing medicine podcast. How are you doing today?

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I am v

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