S01 E11 - False Scarcity & Colonization: How Non-Compete Clauses Disrupt Medicine with Jamee Pineda

The Decolonizing Medicine Podcast by Jamee Pineda
Have you ever heard of a Non-Compete Clause? In this episode I discuss what that is and why this replication of colonial values does NOT belong in medicine. This episode’s community shoutout goes to @Decolonizing_Fitness. Decolonizing Fitness is an incredible educational resource for coaches, trainers, studio owners, and anyone who is  ...  See more
Mar 18 2022

Jamee Pineda:
Mabuhay! You are listening to The Decolonizing Medicine Podcast. I am Jamee Pineda, a queer non binary trans person and a practitioner of Hilot and Chinese medicine. My ancestry is mostly Tagalog and some Chinoy, but I was raised here on Turtle Island. In this episode, I'm going to be discussing non compete clauses and why they replicate colonial values. So what is a non compete clause? A non compete clause is something that is very, very common in the medical industry, in the healthcare industry. And it's basically a clause that is in an employee's contract saying that they cannot take away any business from the place that they're working at. So usually, this means that if you are working at a clinic, you cannot work outside of this clinic in a different clinic within a ce

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