S01 E09 - (Part 1) Resisting Colonization in Delivery and Postpartum Care with Kalei'okalani Matsui

The Decolonizing Medicine Podcast by Jamee Pineda
CW: sexual assault, domestic violence, medical traumaKalei'okalani Matsui (she/her,in Hawaiian language, 'o ia / kona are non-gendered pronouns) is a Black, Japanese, Chinese, and Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) woman born and raised in Wai`anae, O`ahu and residing now in Des Moines, Washington. She is a proud descendant, wife, and new mām  ...  See more
Jan 17 2022

S01E09 Kalei'okalani Matsui (Part 1)
Wed, 1/19 8:47AM • 36:56
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Jamee Pineda, Kalei'okalani Matsui

Jamee Pineda
Hi, you are listening to The Decolonizing Medicine Podcast. I'm Jamee Pineda, your host, and I am a queer non binary trans person and a practitioner of Hilot and Chinese medicine. My ancestry is mostly Tagalog and some Chinoy, but I was raised here on Turtle Island. This episode is part one of a two episode story with Kalei'okalani Matsui. She will be sharing her experiences as a gestational parent, the impacts of colonization on her care, and her connection to ancestral wisdom

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