S01 E08 - "I'm autistic!?" with Jamee Pineda

The Decolonizing Medicine Podcast by Jamee Pineda
This episode is just me sharing about discovering that I am autistic, structural barriers to diagnoses and care, and how that overlaps with decolonizing medicine. The community shoutout goes to Audacious Autistics Podcast. They have a wealth of educational content about autism by autistics so check them out and consider joining their Pa  ...  See more
Dec 18 2021

Jamee Pineda
Hi, you are listening to the decolonizing medicine Podcast.

I'm Jamee Pineda, a queer, non binary trans person and a practitioner of Hilot and Chinese medicine. My ancestry is mostly Tagalog and some Chinoy, but I was raised here on Turtle Island.

Everyone's experience with autism is unique. So I encourage you to listen to many people's experiences, especially Black and Brown, queer and trans folks, because we are often overshadowed by white dominant narratives.

So I'd like to announce that for the full moon on Saturday, December 18, I will be releasing a free phone wallpaper. Recently, I've gotten really into making digital collages. And I'm so excited to share those with people so that will be available on my website along with my zine shop where I have both a water ele

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