S01 E02 - Valuing Ancestral Medicine Practitioners with Julz Bolinayen

The Decolonizing Medicine Podcast by Jamee Pineda
In this episode, Julz Bolinayen (they/them) and I discuss what it means to value practitioners of ancestral medicine. You’ll also hear a bit of ear candy from Full Moon in Scorpio, a musical collab between Kimmortal and Julz. This month’s community shoutout goes to herbalist and birthworker, Ale Abreu (she/her) of Canoe Journey Herbalists  ...  See more
Jun 24 2021

Jamee: Mabuhay! You are listening to The Decolonizing Medicine Podcast. We will be exploring the intersections of decolonization and healing work with Black and Brown practitioners involved in a variety of modalities. I am your host Jamee Pineda coming to you from Piscataway territory otherwise known as Baltimore, Maryland. My ancestry is mostly Tagalog and some Chinoy, but I was raised here on Turtle Island. I am also a queer non-binary trans person and a practitioner of Hilot and Chinese medicine. Today's guest is Julz Bolinayan, an Ilocano American, non-binary, queer artist and initiated Hilot Binabaylan. They specialize in ancestral healing rituals through tattoo ritual, divination, serenade, energy healing, and body work. After recording my interview with Julz, I noticed th

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